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NW Arkansas to Paul McCartney

May 1, 2016

What a full day it was today. I drove up to Fayetteville yesterday after a zoom session at the officezoom session.16 We had rain off and on all day–we had over 4 inches at my house. I got to stay with good friends Gerald and Jolene and we had a great visit. I did get to see Gerald’s garden this morning and it was not raining, but it was overcast. geralds yard apr162 He has a beautiful garden and some great plants, including these trilliumtrilliums gerald.161

trilliums gerald.162 and a large kolkwitzia (Beauty bush)kolkwitzia.apr16. He even has his own lending library he built at the edge of his property. geralds yard apr163
And speaking of libraries, my first stop was the Fayetteville Public Library where I was presenting a program on new plants. This facility is top-notch. fay library apr1601

fay library apr1603

fay library apr1604 I was quite impressed that they also lend gardening tools!fay library apr1602
I had a nice crowd with plenty of questions. fay library apr1610
I couldn’t dawdle after I spoke, since I finished at 11 and I was speaking in Bentonville at noon. I hopped in the car and headed to Benton County. I did get to see (from my car) both the Fayetteville and Bentonville Farmers Markets. They were in full swing with a big crowd. benton co farmers market.ap1603

fay farmers market.16ap2 Interestingly enough, it never rained in Fayetteville this morning, but they had a steady light rain in Bentonville for their plant sale. In spite of the rain, they had a nice crowd. benton co expo.apr1601

benton co expo.apr1602

benton co expo.apr1606 After I spoke on butterfly gardening, I got to speak with some local girl scouts who are putting in a butterfly garden for one of their projects. benton co expo.apr1604
As I was heading back to LR, I popped into Westwood Gardens to look for a clematis for a friend. They didn’t have the variety she is looking for, but my oh my did they have the plants. It was hard to leave. columbine westwood.apr16

tropicals westwood.162

westwood apr161 I did buy a new tropical–westwood apr164 Does anyone know what it is? I will tell you soon.

I made it home in time to unload and freshen up before we walked out the door to meet friends for dinner before heading to the Paul McCartney concert. What fun! It was a sold-out crowd. pmcrowd.1There was quite a bit of security heading in and huge lines for t-shirts. pmcrowd

pmgoing in. He played a lot of old Beatles songs as well as some of his Wings and newer songs. pm1


pm5Pretty amazing that someone who is almost 74 years old could sing almost non-stop for 3 hours. I never saw him even take a sip of water! We saw a lot of friend tonight. It really was a good concert, and he did not disappoint. Towards the end he brought some folks up from the audience and one couple was from Japan, and he proposed to his girlfriend on stage. pm8
We have seen some concerts with older bands that did not live up to their younger days, but Paul McCartney gave us our money’s worth! Well done. paul mc

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