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Texarkana and a cooler day

May 2, 2016

I was so busy yesterday I never even looked at the forecast so I was surprised by the early cool temps and rain! We had .18 inches of rain today and the temperature never got above 69. Even though the air conditioner is on, the windows are open and it is delightful outside. When I got home tonight it was cooler outside than inside!

I drove to Texarkana today to meet with the Miller County Red Dirt board and some members of their oversight committee for the farmers market. We are trying to find a solution that best meets the needs of both groups and I think we had a very productive meeting and ended with some positive goals and plans. miller county may16 (1)

miller county may16 (3) I am expecting great things to happen.

It was an easy drive back and the rain had cleared out. I made a stop for some groceries before heading home and stopped in at the garden center. I saw an olive tree for sale–supposedly hardy to 0 degrees F. I did not buy one, but may go back and get one just to try–I do love olives. olive tree may16 (2) Has anyone tried one with success in Arkansas year-round outdoors?

I do want to share with you the name of the mystery tropical I bought Saturday in Fayetteville. westwood apr164 Of course our top-notch plant expert Ann Wood got the name correct–it is commonly called Violet Tubeflower –Iochroma (eye-oh-KROH-muh). This native to South America has hummingbird pollinated flowers which are tubular or trumpet-shaped, and may be blue, purple, red, yellow, or white. This variety called ‘Sunset’ looks pretty close to orange to me–and I need it! iochroma sunset The plant may grow as tall as 60 inches and will hopefully bloom all summer in full sun. I will let you know.

I have also seen some interesting galls on oaks this spring–unusual, but nothing to worry about. gall on oak.ap162

I also saw one of the most unique hostas this weekend. hosta westwood.a6 Any guesses on a variety name? Curly fries!

If you haven’t been to a nursery lately, go! There are so many new plants and things to try.

And for all my nurses out there–I had to share: when nurses garden This is what happens when nurses garden!!

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