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More preparations for the state conference

May 3, 2016

A conference for 500 people doesn’t happen overnight, and each county that takes on the task is taking on a new challenge–they haven’t put on a conference for this many people before, so we have to work through all the procedures. Some counties are more challenging than others and Eureka Springs is a town of tiny,winding roads, but beautiful gardens so today our chairman, bus guru and bus company met with the mayor, city planners, traffic folks and police with me on the line in LR to make sure our bus routes were going to work. I think we have a great plan and the tours are going to be wonderful.eureka springs planning aug.15 (3)

Then I worked on powerpoints for our upcoming workshop on tropical plants. May 12 we will be hosting a tropical plant workshop at Garvan Gardens covering tropical plants- A to Z plus how to care for them, and overwinter them by me.hibiscus yellow.aug16.15.2 Additional topics include orchids by Yvonne Becker orchid kim feb.15. and Houseplants in the Garden by Julie Treat. croton. boston Pre-registration is required: $15 Members | $30 Non-Members, includes Garden admission | Reservations Required | Reserve online or call 800-366-4664 or

This afternoon I met with my decorations committee for the state conference to pick out and purchase plants for their decorations. They drove down from Berryville to get the plants and will add them to their displays. It was a sensory overload for gardeners with so many plants to choose from and so many greenhouses to wander through. culbertson greenhouses may16 (6)

culbertson greenhouses may16 (7)

culbertson greenhouses may16 (9)

culbertson greenhouses may16 (10)

culbertson greenhouses may16 (11)
We finally agreed on the plants and we loaded them up onto carts,culbertson greenhouses may16 (13) paid for them and loaded them into their u-Haul for the drive back to Carroll County. saundra kay and karen (2)

I am continually blessed with outstanding volunteers.

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