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A little gardening then Fairfield Bay

May 6, 2016

i am so enamored with our weather these days. Cool, crisp mornings, warm afternoons and cool evenings. I spent the morning trying to get some of my plants in the ground and pots planted.  

They get pretty dried out in small pots on these sunny days. I did not get everything planted,but I did make a dent.  In walking the yard, my summer bloomers are either blooming or about to pop. My new hibiscus has not stopped, 

 and the baptisia looks great.  

 I am expecting great things from my pineapple guava  

 and I have loads of flower buds on my summer perennials  

I finished up some articles, worked on state conference and next weeks tropicals before heading to Fairfield Bay. I am staying with my good friends. Sharon and Bob are gracious hosts and have wonderful gardens.  



 We always get to eat something from the garden and tonight was no exception. We also got to look at his grafted tomato project.   


Tonight at dinner they showed me a new idea they learned in Spain. Instead of butter for your bread, you rub a fresh clove of garlic, then rub a ripe tomato, toss with salt and it was amazing flavor!  


Tomorrow is the MG plant sale at Ed Leamon park in Fairfield Bay. I hear they have 40 vendors in addition to the MGs.  Bob and his mens group will be there selling their famous hotdogs, but he has branched out and added a new item this year–pork chop sandwiches.  This event has been so successful that their community has created an entire weekend of events labeledBlooming in the Bay. Come join us. I will be answering plant questions.


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