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A rainy Monday

May 9, 2016

I thought we were going to have torrential rains today, but so far just .16 inches, with another .12 predicted overnight. It was slightly cool and blustery earlier, but now the humidity makes it sticky and it may be hot with the windows open! Hopefully not.

I had a day spent at the office and time flew by. Holly and I were like two one-armed paper hangers this morning and we finally got some forms done correctly and out to the folks who needed them. Handouts are ready for the workshop on Thursday at Garvan Gardens. I had a lot of fun putting together this new talk on tropical plants and their care. hibiscus tropical may163

mandevilla may5.162It should be a great workshop.

I also handled a lot of emails and phone calls. The phones are ringing off the wall with questions. Let’s get your opinion on the identity of these three plants.Number 1 is at the top, 2 beneath it and 3 to the left side. They were all supposedly sold with the same common name–spice bush, but of course they all can’t be the same plant. unknown plants may16 (2)

Gardens are looking great. Here are a few more shots from this weekend. I love this dappled willow and wonder why we don’t see it used more often. This was in Fairfield Bay.dappled willow fb.a61

dappled willow fb.a62

Hydrangeas are beginning to color up and we will have loads of blooms for the first time in three years. hydrangea may6.162 and I also had the first bloom on my hardy water lily.water lily bloom may6.16

Here are also some pictures of the plant sale in Union County this weekend. mg plant sale eldorado.16

mgplant sale el.

mgplant sale eld.16 Share pictures of your MG events with me.

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