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Another full day at the office

May 10, 2016

The rain that was predicted finally came last night and along with it came some big storms, with tornado sirens, strong wind and lightening. After the rains left, the humidity went sky high, and the temperatures rose with the humidity. It was 88 degrees today! Glad that I had another full day at the office.

As we get closer to the state conference, 2016 mg logowe try to schedule time in the office to finalize all the minute details that need to be completed–every i dotted, every t crossed. Yesterday we sent the confirmation letter to every participant which was also supposed to include the final schedule. Today I started getting emails saying no attachment. I thought they didn’t see the letter was in the body of the email, when in reality they didn’t see the attachment of the final program since there wasn’t one! Since these emails are generated from the LR convention center, looking like they come from me, I couldn’t immediately correct it, but we sent the email today and hopefully it will go out soon. Sorry for the confusion. If you think you are registered for the state MG conference, and you have not received an email from us, let me know. We would rather find problems now, than on June 2.

Tomorrow is also the deadline to register for the statewide Saturday MG training in Saline County which starts June 11. We have a great class composed of folks from 6 or 7 counties. We are working on finalizing the schedule for that as well. If you haven’t heard from us and you have sent in an application, let me know.

I think sometimes we take shade trees for granted. I recently heard an interview on NPR from a geobiologist named Hope Jahren about her book Lab Girl. She had some particularly poignant things to say about trees, which I found to be quite profound.
“a leaf is a platter of pigments strung with vascular lace”.leaf.

And wouldn’t this be a great quote to live by to relieve us of all our clutter:
‘Deciduous trees throw away their possessions once a year.”
Hope Jahren ends her book much like she began it – with a request to readers to plant a tree. Choose wisely, she writes, you are marrying this tree. Choose a partner, not an ornament.

Wise words to live by!

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