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Hot Springs, packing and art walk

May 13, 2016

I made it to the office early this morning to get the car loaded for our volunteer walk-through in Eureka Springs Monday afternoon. Then I spent a little time in the office before heading to my car. As I was walking to the cage at the back of our lot, there were 2 Canadian geese that were wandering through the parking lot, just meandering about. I got pretty close to take pictures, but not too close so they couldn’t attack. geese may16 (5)

geese may16 (6) One of our staff members had been calling to get someone to photograph them for a bit. I talked to them awhile, and one of them talked back, when all of a sudden they simultaneously went into flight and took off, just as a videographer was coming to take their picture!

Then it was in the car and back to Garland County Fairgrounds for the spring council meeting of the Garland County EHC. This facility is top-notch, with a fabulous catering kitchen. I was their keynote speaker at 11, and I arrived about 10:45 when they were in the middle of strength building exercises. garland co ehc may (2)

garland co ehc may (3) They then moved on to a fashion show with items purchased at thrift stores, and then embellished to look like they came from a high-end boutique. garland co ehc may (1) I spoke on gardening and while not surprised by the number of questions, I was surprised by what they asked. It was a lot about weed control and lawns, spraying and the like, which is not my norm anymore these days. I probably went a little long with all the questions, but it was a good group. After eating lunch with them, I was headed back to LR. I had time to get a couple of my plants planted and more watered before heading out to 2nd Friday Night Art in downtown LR. We did buy some art and saw a few folks we knew, but it was a smaller crowd than expected until we hit the Butler Center. We did get to walk by the HAM (Historic Arkansas Museum) gardens and they look spectacular. ham may16 (1)

ham may16 (2) After a nice evening viewing sites in downtown LR, Chris and I met our husbands on the deck of Capers for a lovely meal al fresco. dinner feilds (2) The weather is delightful, and promising to be even better this weekend. Great gardening weather! Tomorrow is the Faulkner county MG plant sale at the event center. I will be speaking at 9:30 and Rand Retzloff speaks after me. Come join us, then go garden!

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