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Plant sales, garden work and supper club

May 14, 2016

It has been a full Saturday. I left this morning to head to Conway for the Faulkner County MG plant sale. This is the premier MG plant sale in the state with a fabulous indoor facility which allows them the time to organize and set up the day before and the weather is not a factor. I am juggling work car and home car and I decided for personal reasons, I needed to drive my personal car, so I could run errands on the way home. As I was halfway to Conway, I realized my handouts were in my work car and my thumb drive with my PowerPoint was in my big purse, not with me! I made it to the Conway Events Center and found that they did have wi-fi, so I was able to access my desktop files and download the presentation and the handout. We didn’t have a printer to print handouts, but people can call the county office and request a copy and my talk was saved. Technology can do amazing things these days.

They had a huge crowd of people, the parking lot was packed, and inside even more crowded. faulkner county plant sale.may1604

faulkner county plant sale.may1606

faulkner county plant sale.may1607 They have the plants divided by category–annuals, daylilies, shrubs, trees, vegetables, etc. They had a huge selection and everything was organized and healthy. They had plant markers giving information on the plants being sold, faulkner county plant sale.may1611but they also had a wealth of MG volunteers to answer questions,faulkner county plant sale.may1620 help with plant selections and then tally up your order, take the money and help load it in your car–which was a drive through.
In addition to plants there were several information stations on bee keeping, faulkner county plant sale.may1614roses, faulkner county plant sale.may1616container gardens, as well as a display of their MG projects. faulkner county plant sale.may1617They use the plant sale as a recruitment tool. The corner of the room is where they have their seminars and they had a great turnout for the two talks. After I spoke, I did do some plant shopping, but also answered a lot of plant questions before heading out.

Once home I had a few hours to do some weed-eating, plant the few plants I bought, and pot up the rest of the tropicals. I watered and lightly fertilized. The neighbors vinca is the bane of my world and I got started on the beat-down. I got about 1/3 done today. vinca invasion.may14.161

vinca invasion.may14.163 This is a never-ending job, but if I hit it hard now, it is manageable until next year again. My yard is a sea of color and fragrance right now. I had the first gardenia bloom today gardenia single.ma14.162 and the plants are loaded with buds. The confederate jasmine is still as fragrant as can be, and I am getting first open blooms on the Little Gem magnolia little gem magnolia may14.162

little gem magnolia may14.163 This tree is about 12 feet tall now and was given to me as a 1 gallon plant the first or second year I spoke at the Magnolia Garden Thyme event. It too, is covered in buds. I think all gardens look amazing right now. We have had ample rainfall and such a mild season. My annuals and tropicals are rooting in and beginning to grow. callibrachoa and petunias.ma14 (1)

callibrachoa and petunias.ma14 (3)

I cleaned up and had a bit of time to photograph before heading out to our supper club. This month’s event was at the Zoldessy’s and their gardens look great, with loads of blueberries, herbs and flowers. dill.may14.161

veg zoldessy may14.161

veg zoldessy may14.162

blueberries zold may14.16

We had a wonderful meal and great conversations. We are blessed to have great friends. supper club zoldessymay161

supper club zoldessymay163

supper club zoldessymay164

supper club zoldessymay166 All in all a great day, and can you believe this weather!! I am loving it.

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