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Happy Birthday! Surprise!

May 15, 2016

My first-born child was born 30 years ago today. When Kyle entered the world our life changed–for the better, and it has been a journey. kyle 2

kyle 5

kyle 6 months

kyle 7

kyle 10 I can’t believe I have a child that is 30 years old! That makes me seem older than I think I am! I decided we needed a surprise party since he works on Sunday and he has a new house, so today, we had a surprise. I cleaned up his house and got it ready and then he got off an hour earlier than planned since he was under the weather, and there weren’t a lot of us there to surprise him, but it all worked out in the end. kyle 30th birthdya.1602

kyle 30th birthdya.1613

kyle 30th birthdya.1625

kyle 30th birthdya.1626
We had a good mix of our friends and his, and his are still to come, but it was a fun day! kyle 30th birthdya.1608

kyle 30th birthdya.1609

kyle 30th birthdya.1610

kyle 30th birthdya.1612

kyle 30th birthdya.1615

kyle 30th birthdya.1616
The singing of Happy Birthday was pretty unique with a wide range of voices! kyle 30th birthdya.1621

kyle 30th birthdya.1622

kyle 30th birthdya.1623
Every day this week I have been getting things organized for the event, so now I can rest on my laurels. It was a success and we had a great time,and they are still going strong!
Happy Birthday Kyle! kyle 30th birthdya.1628

kyle 30th birthdya.1616

kyle 30th birthdya.1617

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