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Volunteer Walk-through

May 16, 2016

The 2016 State MG conference is getting closer and closer. Today Julie and I had an early morning drive to Eureka Springs for some early meetings on buses and facilities, before our walk-through began at 1 p.m. It was maybe too early, or I may have been a bit tired from the weekend, but I was talking (imagine that) and I missed my normal turnoff in Conway to head north on Hwy 65. Instead, we did the “shorter” but windier route through the Pig Trail–Julie’s first time on this road. It was a pretty drive with a lot of wildflowers in bloom, including coreopsis coreopsis.may16, spiderwort(Tradescantia), larkspur, Indian paintbrush and ox-eye daisies. Luckily there was no rain, so we made it up to Eureka in good time.

We had excellent participation from volunteers from 4 counties. We went over the schedule, introduced all the committee chairs, then walked through the facility so that all of the volunteers could be familiar with the layout. mg walk through carroll county (2)

mg walk through carroll county (4)

mg walk through carroll county (5)
Volunteers were able to register, get their volunteer shirts, and ask questions. mg walk through carroll county (1)

mg walk through carroll county (6)
It was a very productive day, but let’s talk about the weather! It was downright cold outside and some didn’t have a jacket, were actually wearing spring-like clothing and sandals. I was happy to have my raincoat and long sleeves. It is currently 54 degrees and overcast. We have had rain. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be 48 degrees with more rain. And this is mid-May! Hard to believe.

As we went out to dinner I was showing Julie one of our tour stops. Crossing the road in front of us was a large groundhog. We were not on a busy road so I stopped and I think he got confused because he came back out and let us get pretty close before scampering off into the woods. groundhog may (1)

groundhog may (3) Fun to observe wildlife from the drivers seat, but not as much fun if they are in your garden.

Tomorrow we have a few more meetings that may depend somewhat on the weather before heading back–the normal way–not the Pig Trail way.

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