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Eureka Springs, Berryville and home

May 17, 2016

Have you ever driven a car through the streets of downtown Eureka Springs? Well, consider driving a bus. Today we had our hopefully, final meeting with the bus company to discuss all the ins and outs of where buses can go, turn around, and drive! It is a steep learning curve, but hopefully we have mastered it. We have 9 buses transporting MGs all around Carroll County in two weeks and we want to be prepared. It was a gloomy, cold and rainy morning, but cleared up as we got closer to home.

As we were leaving the Inn of the Ozarks we ran into our lead tour chairman for Eureka Springs, Ann. She was with June Westphal the renowned historian of Eureka Springs. June Westphal , Ann Craig and me (2) Ann was gleaning all the knowledge she could get from June for the garden tours. June Westphal was born three miles from Eureka Springs and has spent her life as a “crackerjack” researcher, writing numerous articles for the Carroll County Historical Society; radio vignettes; The Eureka Chronicles: Ten Decades of History, 1880s to 1980s; Centennial Postcard History (co-authored with Bob Rennels, 1979); and For All Saints: A History of Methodism in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. For more than thirty years, she has put together the Annual Historical Pictorial Calendars distributed by Cornerstone Bank (formerly the Bank of Eureka Springs). She raised her family in Eureka Springs and is still discovering previously unpublished nuggets of life in her peculiar hometown and has given Ann a lot to share with our Master Gardeners.

As we finished in Eureka Springs, we drove to Berryville to look at the outdoor classroom. It is one of the top-notch facilities in the state and we are so happy that we can share this with the MGs on the all day Berryville tour. berryville school garden (2)

berryville school garden (8)

berryville school garden (10)

berryville school garden (13)

berryville school garden (15)
From there it was homeward-bound to Little Rock. We went from gloom to sunlight, and milder temperatures. It has cooled off a bit now at home, but I hear things are heating up as the week progressed.

If you are registered for the 2016 MG conference, you are in for a treat. I head back up 2 weeks from today! If you are registered, you should have either receieved an email or a letter in the mail with your confirmation. If you haven’t received one and you think you are registered, let me know.

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