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Garden Envy!

May 18, 2016

The morning flew by with catch-up at the office. At noon, I headed out to join the tour committee for the 2017 state MG conference to look at some outstanding gardens. There were only three gardens, but they were all huge and beautifully maintained, with great plant collections. One had a huge, attractive vegetable garden, while another had a large fairy garden, and the other was a plant collectors dream. They all had one other thing in common, is that they would not be an easy bus ride. So once we pick all the gardens, the bus company needs to go with the committee to decide on how to get there.
phelps garden.may1601010113

phelps garden.may1601010109 The first stop was a large country garden. Everywhere you looked there were more plants and a great array of color. phelps garden.may1601010126

phelps garden.may1601010128 There were large beds of perennials, shrubs and trees, with many conifers, but also loads of containers with a variety of plantings. annualsphelps garden.may1601010122

phelps garden.may1601010112

phelps garden.may1601010118
Then it was on to an almost 5 acre garden in the center of town with one of the most elaborate and groomed edible gardens you will ever see. From gooseberries and blackberries, to apples and lemons, vegetables and herbs of every type abound. gooseberries. trim garden may161303
veg garden trim garden may16167

veg garden trim garden may16168
veg garden trim garden may16161

veg garden trim garden may16162Whoever thinks a vegetable garden is not attractive,needs to see this one. But the garden is much more than vegetables, there are water features,trim garden may1608

trim garden may1624 outdoor rooms with plenty of seating trim garden may1609

trim garden may1625and gardens full of color. trim garden may1607

trim garden may1610
The last garden on the tour was a large backyard garden with some gorgeous rock work, elaborate pools and meandering paths. The plants complemented the setting, and the view was spectacular.coulson garden.may1603

coulson garden.may1607

coulson garden.may1612

coulson garden.may1621

coulson garden.may1622

coulson garden.may1625

Our timing was perfect. As we were ending, we got a little rain. We all had garden envy as we left these three gardens. Start planning ahead to May 2017. You won’t want to miss what they are planning.

Tonight we got to see our “nephew” (not actually by blood) who was home from his residency program in Jacksonville, Florida. He has two more years to go before he becomes an emergency medicine doctor, but it was a good visit.arthur party.may1601 May is a very busy month!

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