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A celebratory weekend in Dallas

May 22, 2016

This has been a whirlwind weekend celebrating my niece’s wedding in Dallas. We ended up leaving LR later than expected due to a work schedule, so we had time to do the drive through at the Greek Food Festival for our lunch on Friday before we left town. They have this down to a science! greek food festival (2)

greek food festival (3)

greek food festival (5) We were on the road after eating and loading up our son and his stuff and had an easy drive to Dallas until we hit Dallas and traffic. My gps was a bit confused, but we made it to the hotel by 6 p.m. We met up with our cousins from Atlanta to walk to dinner downtown while the wedding party was rehearsing and doing their dinner. dinner may20 (1)

dinner may20 (2)

dinner may20 (5)

dinner may20 (6) We had a great meal and then walked around downtown to meet up with the wedding party at a local hot spot. downtown dallas may16 (6)

downtown dallas may16 (7) The wedding party arrived about 10:15 p.m. and we had a great time connecting, visiting and dancing. It was a late night to say the least.linda and I may20.16

Then we were up early and went to the bridesmaids brunch. Whitney’s room was grand central for beautification with all the bridesmaids and mom’s getting their hair and makeup done. bridesmaids brunch (1)

bridesmaids brunch (4)

bridesmaids brunch (5)

bridesmaids brunch (7)Friends brought in a lovely brunch and we visited and ate. bridesmaids brunch (2)

bridesmaids brunch (9)

bridesmaids brunch (10)

bridesmaids brunch (12) Katie and I decided there were enough people in the room, so we went exploring downtown Dallas for a bit. It was really hot and humid, but we saw some great gardens and did a little window shopping. coleus planting.may16

downtown dallas may16 (1)

downtown dallas may16 (4)

impatiens dallas (2)
We ate a late lunch with Clay and Kyle and then it was almost time to start getting ready. We got gussied up and left on a shuttle for the wedding. katie and i getting ready.may16lauren and kyle (2)
The wedding was beautiful and Whitney was a beautiful bride.whitney and chipwhitney and drewwhitney and drew kiss

whitneys wedding (2)

whitneys wedding (3) Afterwards it was picture time, which took a little time.

We rode the shuttle to the reception which was delightful. It was on the 48th floor of a downtown building and the view was amazing, but so was the food and band. It was a really fun evening.whitneys wedding (4)

whitneys wedding (6)

whitneys wedding (9)
After a great meal, there were some wonderful toasts,whitneys wedding (10)

whitneys wedding (11) then the first dance, whitneys wedding (14)then we all got to dance, and dance we did!

Then it was cake time. whitneys wedding (15)

whitneys wedding (18) It was fun visiting with family cousins may16

whitneys wedding (20)and of course watching a special couple tie the knot. Two late nights in a row!

This morning we visited with my sister and the maid of honor niece before loading up and heading home. It was a quick trip but such a great time and now we have a new member of the family.

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