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TV at Garvan and Saturday MG training

May 25, 2016

I was supposed to head to Garvan Gardens early this morning, but I received a text telling me it was storming and we were postponing, so I went to the office early. I was there about 45 minutes when I got a call from Sherre at Garvan saying the sun was shining and we were back on. SO we had a slightly delayed start, but we did get our 4 TV spots taped before it started to sprinkle again. It was a hit and miss day all day with weather. It would rain, the sun would come out then it would rain again. Right now it is muggy and hot outside.

They are still transitioning beds at Garvan, even pulling some pansies still, but the gardens look good. The Southern Inspiration Garden is a MG project and it looks amazing. garvan gardens.may161

garvan gardens.may162 They still had some hardy amaryllis blooming amaryllis hardy.may16 and the veronica or speedwell looks great. veronica.may16

The big leaf and oakleaf hydrangeas are loaded with blooms this year. The oakleaf have huge flowers, oakleaf hydrangeas.may265.163

oakleaf hydrangeas.may265.165but have you noticed that the big leaf or macrophylla types have a ton of blooms, but they don’t have many large blooms. hydrangeas may25.161

hydrangeas may25.163

They were working on installing new irrigation in one area and a giant turtle was up looking for water. turtle may162

Then I loaded up and went to Saline County to meet with agent Ron to look at our training site for the Saturday MG classes that begin June 11. Letters will be going out to attendees to give them specific details. bishop center.may161

bishop center.may163

bishop center.may164

I worked on some computer issues and worked on more details for state conference.

Tonight I got to see the first home of dear friend Peggy. We had a landscape consultation and I got to see all she has planned before she officially moves in. It is great to see the next generation settling down. pegs house (1)

pegs house (2)

pegs house (3)

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