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May 27, 2016

I am not sure if Julie and I took a breath today! I never left my office or my desk until 4 pm when I had to go pick up supplies, programs and other things to load in my car for Tuesday. We got all the final changes made for all the many meals,and I can safely say I am not fond of gluten-free or vegetarian meal options or the changes. I am thankful that I can eat anything, and do not have to fall into this mix, but it can be a daunting task. I think I have personally contacted everyone with a meal change, and I hope they are pleased with the outcomes.

We have printed out so many forms and programs, but I think we have it all set. I head up to Eureka Springs on Tuesday and my crew will follow on Wednesday. 2016 mg logo There is a slight chance of rain during the conference, but I am hoping it changes and goes away. Time will tell, but for those coming, bring rain gear to ward it off! We sent reminder emails today to all attendees of the general conference and the pre-conference.

In addition, I have the Saturday MG training schedule almost finalized–a few speakers have been on vacation, but it is going to be a great training, with some hands-on training as well. I sent out an email to all of the participants telling them the final details for day 1.

We went live with the Italy trip yesterday about 4:30 and by 4 p.m. today we had 21 participants out of a possible 36. If you are interested, it is first come first serve and space is going fast! Italy 2010_5376_edited-1 Small bus trips fill up quickly.

Our river cruises have way more space, and will be open until the space is full. Vietnam is now open for anyone who wants to travel with us. We have all room levels except for the lowest and the highest–they are sold out. Vietnam If you have not done a river cruise, you are in for an experience. Way smaller than a Caribbean cruise, these are smaller vessels with intense service. Daily excursions are included with the package along with exceptional food and beverages. cambodia-food Come explore with us. If you need more information, let me know.

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