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A 3 Day Weekend

May 28, 2016

I have great plans for this 3 day weekend before heading north on Tuesday, and so far the weather cooperated. I had mundane things like laundry and groceries for the morning, along with a few other errands, but I was eventually in the yard. I harvested the spinach, some romaine lettuce, vegharvest may16the last cabbages, some new potatoes,potatoes may28.16 and more kale, but the excitement came with harvesting my first garlic and shallots.garlic harvest.may28 (2)
This is my first time growing garlic and shallots and while I will not win any prizes for uniformity, I did harvest some nice garlic–and one was huge. I cannot account for the various sizes, since they were in the same bed, spaced the same and fertilized and watered the same, but then we are all different too! I thought it was a bit early to harvest, but I planted early and over half the leaves were dying back and had fallen over, so I decided to take it. I braided the stems and it is hanging in my garage to cure. garlic harvest.may28 (1)

garlic harvest.may28 (4)
As to the shallots, I am not sure what happened. I planted one of the small cloves at the same time as the garlic, and perhaps too deeply? They multiplied, and I have quite a few cloves per group, but they are small, and not what I am used to at the grocery store. I have a few I left growing so we can see if they do anything else. shallot harvest may28 (1)
shallot harvest may28 (2) Anyone else have experience with these?

As I was harvesting some of the new potatoes to eat this weekend, I noticed on some of the plants I am leaving, ants were corralling and basically ranching aphids. Ants love the sweet honeydew that the aphids give off and they were taking full advantage of it. ants on potatoes.may16

My gardenias are blooming all over the yard, but the single Kleim’s Hardy is almost over. As the blooms fade they turn a bright yellow. I was noticing a yellow blooming variety on-line, and wonder if it is like this, just the faded blooms, or if it stays yellow the whole time. gardenia may28 (1)

gardenia may28 (2)
In spite of all the rain forecasts, my garden has had sprinkles and is pretty dry. I got out and harvested before I watered, but I also fertilized everything, then watered. My tropicals are doing really well and I still have blooms with both buds and seeds on the fuchsia. fuschia may28 (1)

fuschia may28 (2)

fuschia may28 (3) I don’t know why I am letting it form seeds, as I will never grow it from seed, but they are pretty too. This plant is so gaudy it is amazing! And speaking of gaudy, the variegated alstromeria lily is amazing with more and more flower buds opening. I love this plant and hope it is a perennial in my garden. The gaudier, and showier the blooms the better for me!alstroemeria lily.may28.16

My hydrangeas have outdone themselves this year. I threatened them last year with removal,since I had two blooms in two years, so they are blooming for their life this year! SO many shades of pink and purple. hydrangeas may28 (1)

hydrangeas may28 (5)

hydrangeas may28 (6)

hydrangeas may28 (7) They have earned a reprieve!

I had time to clean up before we headed out to a wonderful party at our friends house. It was a food truck party. Our friends picked the menu, and lined up the food truck, and we all had appetizers the first hour, main course the second and finally dessert. It was delightful and quite tasty. food truck party may16 (1)

food truck party may16 (2)

food truck party may16 (3) What a clever and fun idea. Not only was the food great, but the setting and visiting with friends even better! A great start to a 3 day weekend!

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  1. Kaye Winningham ( White Co.) permalink
    May 29, 2016 2:41 pm

    Janet, was wondering: ( follow your blog always) you mention fertilizing about every time you water your plants and bushes. Do you? I know the pots need it constantly since the fertilizer is leached out with all the watering. Do you use Miracle Grow? Maybe a weak solution or full strength?

    • uamg permalink
      May 29, 2016 3:46 pm

      I don’t fertilize every time I water, usually about once every week or two. I usually use a granular complete fertilizer that I spread and then water. In some of my pots on the deck, I do use a water soluble form–but again about every 2 weeks.

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