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A busy fun and exhausting weekend

May 30, 2016

It is probably a good thing I don’t get three days off too often or I would be worn out! I spent quite a bit of time in the garden Saturday and Sunday. I got everything weed-eated (probably not a word), edged, deadheaded,alstroemeria lily.may28.16 staked and fertilized. I tested out my new sprinkler heads and got everything watered, but that proved to be unnecessary. I was getting things set for my week away from home, but in looking at the forecast, I don’t think any watering will be necessary, so I am leaving the sprinkler system off.

We had a great evening out Saturday, and I had the family over on Sunday night and made 45 egg rolls and Asian nachos–which is not difficult, but extremely time-consuming. By the time they left and it was cleaned up I was pooped.

In between everything else, we worked on cleaning out and cleaning up. Today’s chore was the garage. It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a few years. We took everything off of every shelf and a lot went in the dumpster. A huge load went to Goodwill and another to Kyle’s house. Then we organized things, swept, blew out the leaves and put stuff back. dumpster may16.

garage clean out (1)

garage clean out (2)

garage clean out (3) It started out with 4 of us working, then it went down to 3, then 2, and when I started on my rack of gardening stuff, it was down to 1! I worked from 9 – 3:30! Needless to say I was pooped and filthy. We had a barbecue to go to, and while I would have preferred to stay home, it was a Clay event and I drag him to a lot of stuff, so I cleaned up and went. It was fun.

I made it home in time to do a bit more laundry and now I am packed and ready to hit the road tomorrow. The forecast has changed from bad to good to bad again, so I am hoping it will swing to good before the conference starts.

If everyone brings a raincoat and umbrella,rain I am sure it won’t rain! I have my rainboots and hat too! Registration starts at 1 on Thursday, and the preconference leaves Wednesday morning at 10. The Carroll county MGs have worked hard and it is going to be great. One of the props for the photo booth is a life-sized head shot of me–they sent me a preview. janet yard art Looks a little scary! Don’t forget silent auction items. I found some great treasures today in the garage and they are loaded and ready to go. If you are registered, I will see you soon.

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