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It starts tomorrow!

May 31, 2016

Today I finished loading up my car and getting all the stuff we need to hold a state conference finalized. 2016 mg logoWe have had little kink in the road, because side-kick Julie is not able to make it. Her father had a heart attack yesterday, but thank the Lord is doing well and should be going home soon with two new stents. Her place is at home to help with family, so I am running solo, with the help of a fabulous host committee. I am sure you all join me in sending a big get well soon to Mr. Smith. I am sure he will be up and gardening in no time. The problem may be in holding him down!

Much of our state MG conference is held outside and thus the weather is an important factor. We all keep reading the weather forecasts hourly, and it changes every time we look, so I have decided ignorance is bliss, and I won’t look again until the morning. If you know me, you know I like to talk, but I almost used the entire charge on my phone battery on the way up with calls from various committee chairs. I missed a few with spotty service, but I think we have things under control and a plan for all weather.

I made a quick stop in Berryville for a quick exchange and got a sneak peek of one of the gardens on the all day tour. This is truly Gardening on the Rocks. knight garden,.may31 (4)

knight garden,.may31 (6)

wildflowers knights 16 (1)
I made it to the Inn of the Ozarks to check in. I saw three welcome signs along the drive into town, but could only take get one picture, due to driving and traffic. welcome mgs.16
inn of the ozarks set up may31 (18)

inn of the ozarks set up may31 (19)
After unloading, I met with some committee members to handle a variety of tasks. We have paid for much of the supplies for volunteers, unloaded signs, and the decorations committee has begun work on setting up. inn of the ozarks set up may31 (11)

inn of the ozarks set up may31 (13)

inn of the ozarks set up may31 (15)

inn of the ozarks set up may31 (16)

The tents for the Art and Garden fair are getting set up and I left them still setting up the last one. The sun was shining tonight, so keep your fingers crossed. inn of the ozarks set up may31 (2)

inn of the ozarks set up may31 (4)

The parking lot was empty when I arrived but is filling up slowly but surely. We have over 140 leaving on the pre-conference tour in the morning. Some were a bit confused about where they were going!inn of the ozarks set up may31 (7)

inn of the ozarks set up may31 (8)

Tomorrow we will be up and at it early. We will set up registration, put together goody bags, set up the art and garden fair booth layout, finish decorations, and get the pre-tour folks registered and on the road. The morning hospitality room for host volunteers is set up and ready for the morning in my room, so I am not too far from sleep.

If you have ever thrown a party or an event, you know it is the last minute details that make a difference, and we are trying to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything. If you are registered we will see you soon. Safe travels!

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