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June 6, 2016

I had hoped to sleep in Sunday, but when you arise every day by 6, you can’t sleep in, so I was up and ready for the day fairly early. I got laundry done and stocked up on groceries.  To say I am totally recharged is probably not true, but I am ready to go to work now

We did work a bit on cleaning up the yard. I am so pleased with the garden right now, and it changed a lot in the 5 days I was gone.  The hydrangeas have given themselves a reprieve for several more years–they are glorious. hydrangeas june4.161 hydrangeas june4.162 I have gardenias in bloom all over the yard gardenia june 4.16and the summer perennials are really putting on a show.coreopsis salsa.june4.16 daylily.june4.16 echinacea.june161 echinacea.june162 erythrina june4.16

And speaking of perennials, this is the one that drew the most attention in Eureka Springs.  maltese cross (2)maltese cross altamont  The plant is Maltese Cross.  In college the Latin name was Lychnis chalcedonica, but it has now changed to Silene chalcedonica, but many catalogs and companies still use the Lychnis name.  It is related to Rose Campion. It is an easy care perennial for the garden, and don’t you just love the color!

The edible garden is coming on strong.  I have the most blueberries on my  Pink Lemonade plant and they are red at maturity and so tasty. I also got quite a few raspberries.blueberry pink lemonade.june4.161 blueberry pink lemonade.june4.162

It was a good day of rest and now it is back to work, but this week I only have two days, as I head to Dallas on Wednesday.  If you were at the state conference, I hope you received the link to the evaluations. Please fill them out and give me your opinions.  I especially want to know what you thought of the awards changes.

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