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Sat MG training and two late nights

June 18, 2016

Yesterday was a full day at the office finishing up everything we needed for the 2nd Saturday training and loading up for our first Annual to Perennial program which debuts Monday in El Dorado. We have 4 sessions and my counterpart from Mississippi and good friend Lelia comes in tomorrow for us to head down.  I also got columns written, met with the PNG leadership committee and the executive committee about possible duties in the coming months.  I got my oil changed in preparation for the many treks across the state that are coming up this week.  Then last night I went to the Rep with my sister-in-law. I can’t say it was my favorite show I have seen–too much profanity for me, but I enjoyed the visit.

Today it was a bright and early day heading to Saline County for statewide MG training. We have a different county hosting each week, and this week we had one of our newer county programs–Grant County in charge.  I was very impressed with agent Brad McGinley’s teaching style.  We had a great line-up of seminars from botany to IPM to native plants, bees, bee plants, pruning and invasive plants.  Great new class and thanks to all the volunteers who are helping plus the specialists who are giving of their time, including today Jon Zawislak and Jon Barry. sat mg training.1602 sat mg training.1604 sat mg training.1609 sat mg training.1610 sat mg training.1613 sat mg training.1608

Wasn’t the weather a pleasant surprise today?!  While it was still warm in the sun, the temperatures were cooler, but it was the lower humidity that was a blessing.  I had a brief time at home before we left for a family night out to dinner and the Joint, thanks to good friend Harry.  What fun, but two late nights in a row!  joint3 joint4 joint1

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