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Father’s Day and the road to El Dorado

June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there.  clay and katie fatehrs dayl.1

I got up early to do laundry and then spread the rest of the mulch, deadhead my annuals, perennials and roses, pick vegetables and water all the plants on the deck before we took Clay out to brunch.  I have so little time to spend in the garden, that when I do, I realize how much more there is to do. I need probably 30 more bags of mulch and 100 more hours in the day to get things done.  echinacea.june`6.1my garden.jun163 milkweed seed pods.jun162 echinacea.june`6.2

I am pretty certain I have a tomato hornworm because I had some stripped stems, but time did not allow me to find it.  I hope I have tomato plants left when I get home.  I also had my first lotus blossoms of the season.  lotus june19.161 I also was heartened to see that I have dying poison ivy from where I sprayed it.  poison ivy sprayed.jun162

I packed and loaded up and Lelia arrived from Mississippi and we headed south to El Dorado.  We checked in and headed out to dinner.  Afterwards I drove her by the South Arkansas Arboretum but it was closed for the evening, but we could view it through the fence. It looks great. south ark arboretum09south ark arboretum03 south ark arboretum04 south ark arboretum07I was surprised to see Joe Pye weed and Turk’s Turban malvaviscus in bloom already.  joe pye weed south ark arboretum102 malvaviscus south ark arboretum12

Tomorrow we have our first Annual to Perennial event in the morning.

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