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Saturday training and concert

June 26, 2016

It was another outstanding day of MG training in Bryant. Today Garland County MGs hosted and we had quite a few speakers from their group. Starting it off was agent and birthday boy Allen Bates on soils, followed by Diane on compost, me on annuals, perennials and shrubs, then Yvonne on daylilies and iris and ending with Gene on ornamental grasses.  There were a lot of questions and the students are interested in the topics. saturday mg training.jun25 (1) saturday mg training.jun25 (2) saturday mg training.jun25 (3) saturday mg training.jun25 (4)  Next year this group of volunteers will be able to attend the 2017 Annual to Perennial event.  We reached over 250 new “Annuals” and “Perennial” mentors in the 4 events.  Lelia was a gracious speaker to do the road show with me all this past week. Lelia and me a to p june16 If you attended, you should have received an evaluation link, so be sure to fill those out so we can start planning and make next years even better.

I did leave class a little early today, since Clay and I were celebrating our anniversary with dinner and a concert.  I changed the water in the roses he sent me a few days ago and they are the biggest cut roses I think I have ever seen.  roses jun16 I had time to water pots on the deck before we left.  I have a stunning hibiscus in bloomhibiscus jun25.16 and I hope to have time to plant the rest of the plants I have been collecting tomorrow.

We had to go the senior citizen route of an early dinner so we could make it to the concert.  We saw one of our old favorite bands from college days Steely Dan.  It was an excellent concert, and the baby boomer crowd was definitely revisiting their youth. We saw quite a few people we knew.  The concert was pretty old-school–  No pyrotechnics, no laser shows, not even any merchandise including $50 t-shirts, it was just a good concert.  The two leads Donald Fagan and Walter Becker are 68 and 66 respectively and they have definitely changed a bit from their younger days from when I was in college steely-dan1 then to a more mature person todayWalter+Becker+2015+Coachella+Valley+Music+0C0xfP1BSB7ldonald fagan 2 They played for 2 solid hours and if you look at their schedule, they do it almost nightly.  They are two on, one off then two on.  Tomorrow night they repeat this in Atlanta–that is a brutal schedule.  All in all a very good night.

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