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So much to do and so little time!

June 28, 2016

I spent the entire day at the office, and it was over in a blink of an eye. We got good reports on secretary Holly’s surgery.  She will be off for several weeks recuperating so we wish her well.  Julie and I are lucky to have help from various other departments and a whole host of MG volunteers.  We are blessed.

I had some columns to write, and we are working on the schedule for our invasive plant workshop for July 19 at Garvan Gardens.  Also trying to tie up loose ends for Saturday MG training, evaluations from state conference and A to P, and we had a meeting today about the national county agents convention and our roles in that in mid July.  We have a lot to do that week, and we want a finalized game plan well in advance.

Luckily, we got rain overnight again, so two nights in a row I did not have to come home and water.  Feeling lucky!

As temperatures are heating up, you can tell which plants can handle it and which can’t.  Lantana is amazing, but I picked a variety that sets seeds, so I have to deadhead.  Many of the newer varieties are self-cleaning, meaning they drop their spent flowers and just keep on blooming. lantana garvan.jun16 If you are looking for a blue flower, look no further than blue daze or evolvulus.  It is one of the true bloom bloomers, which keeps on blooming provided it doesn’t get too dry. blue daze jun16 garv.  The old-fashioned cleome or spider flower now comes in many varieties which don’t freely reseed, so it is a bit tamer, but it is tough as nails. garvan jun 27 (11)

Walk your garden often. We have been getting so many new reports on crape myrtle bark scalecrape myrtle bark scale lr (1) and tons of wooly aphids on everything from hibiscus to magnolias, vegetables and annuals. wooly aphids june.15.2  The scale needs a systemic insecticide, but the wooly aphid looks worse than it is.   A strong spray of water or insecticidal soap can help.  If you ignore it, it will just get worse.


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