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Texarkana, and a wee bit of gardening

June 30, 2016

Beth Phelps and I had an early morning drive to Texarkana to meet with the Red Dirt MGs and the oversight committee of the Texarkana Farmer’s Market.  Miller County (1) Miller County (2) Miller County (3) Miller County (4)They are planning big changes for the market with a whole line-up of educational events starting in August, so stay tuned. It was an excellent meeting with a lot of shared vision and plans for the future. I expect great things to come from this.

We also discussed project evaluation for all MG projects. If your county is not evaluating your projects each year, consider starting.  Knowing where you have been and where you want to go, should improve all county sanctioned MG projects.  Project guidelines are on our website under MG program management guide.  If you need help, let me know.

After an excellent lunch with the committee we headed back to LR.  Beth and I solved all the problems in the world on the way down and back!  It was a great visit, and I am happy to tell you that Beth is in remission and doing great!!

When I got home, my garden sure needed a drink of water, but I really wanted to put down that rice hull mulchrice hulls.jun16 I bought earlier in the week. It was a tad warm at 4:30, but I decided it wasn’t too bad, so I changed clothes and went for it. I did get the two new tomato plants and one cucumber planted, and then I mulched all the vegetables and herbs. I was getting a bit warm, so I decided I had maybe done enough for the day, and will try to tackle the ornamental beds in the morning. veg gardens mulched (1) veg gardens mulched (2) I then turned on the sprinkler to try to soak the garden.  Hopefully the mulch will help conserve some moisture and things won’t dry out as quickly. I hate that it is the last day of June before I got this done. I think mulching is one of the most valuable things you can do in any garden.  I love the rice hulls and am on my third or fourth year using them. Last year I did put them in the backyard, thinking they were cheap and cheerful, but it was not my best idea. The dogs tracked in rice hulls all summer long.  I will relegate the rice hulls to vegetable and flower beds, not walkways.

I was thrilled to see how tall my caladium bulbs are. I planted them 2 weeks ago today.  caladiums jun30.16  See what warm soils and moisture can do?!

I also have blooms opening on the hardy hibiscus.  They love sunlight and water. hardy hibiscus jun29.16 hardy hibiscus jun29.2016 hardy hibiscus jun30 (2)  There are so many new varieties. If you don’t have any, you need to get some.  They are show-stopping gorgeous.

And I had to share this for all you cat lovers out there: cats.Let’s plant some catnip,” she said. “It’ll be fun,” she said. And then the addicts moved in and the neighborhood’s never been the same.

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