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MG training and work in Arkansas County

July 7, 2016

I had an easy drive to Stuttgart this morning to meet up with some colleagues about landscape renovation for a university property. I was expecting it to be much worse than it was, as I had heard it had been neglected for years, but it just needs a little clean-up, plant removal and mulch and it should be good to go. stuttgart home (4) stuttgart home (5) stuttgart home (9) The basic structure of the landscape is actually in great shape, they just need to remove the many mulberry weeds, mulberry seedlings and thin out some branches.  mulberry tree seedlings.july16 mulberry weed july7.16 It is interesting to work with people who are around mosquitoes every day.  With Arkansas County being a rice mecca, it is also home to a lot of mosquitoes. When I asked if I should put on some bug spray, they said as long as we were in the sun, it would not be a problem and I did not see any. We also had a nice breeze the whole time we were outside, and it was not that humid.  I am always quick to find a shady spot to park in, while they were all parked in the sun!  One of the agents told me their goal is to get everything done so they can inside by nightfall, and if they have to be out, they make a mad dash from point a to point b and close the doors as quickly as possible!

I then drove on to DeWitt the other side of Arkansas County to conduct MG training. They had a nice group of trainees, and always good food. mg training ark county (2) mg training ark county (3) mg training ark county (4)  I got to listen to wildlife biologist Karen Rowe talk about attracting birds to the yard.  I learned a new pointer for all you cat owners out there.  She says that almost 2 billion birds a year are eaten by cats!  Instead of the small bells around their necks to warn birds away, she suggested using a bright colored scrunchie hair tie.  Look: mg training ark county (6)  I think it is definitely a fashion statement, and I love the bright colors!  I am not sure how happy your cat will be wearing one.

Today was their final day of class, and I left them nervously taking their final exam.

It was a pretty drive back and actually cooler in Arkansas County than at home in Pulaski County.  I did bring a few mosquitoes home with me, that jumped in my car parked in the shade as I got in!  The fields along the drive are looking good with rice, soybeans and corn, but I also passed several fields of sunflowers. sunflower field.july7 (1)

All in all a productive day.

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