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Monticello and planning

July 11, 2016

The weekend flew by with the new puppy and all that entails. Can I say she is sleeping through the night–no, I cannot, but we hope that will change quickly.  To say the Carson’s are easily entertained is an understatement. We have been enthralled by Petal’s antics, and the interactions with the other dogs. dogs (1) dogs (2) dogs (3)They are warming up slowly, but it has been so much fun to watch. Today Glow just sat back while Petals climbed over her to get to the dog bed.  I think they all felt a bit sorry for her yesterday when she got a bath and they didn’t have to. petals july11 (3) petals july11 (7)

She bounces when she plays with them and they are so understanding. She is already up to 3 pounds!

Today I left early for a drive to Monticello to speak to the MGs of the Delta and do some recruiting. They had an excellent turnout of old and potential members, and loads of questions. This is a participatory group and they always amaze me by their enthusiasm. mg of the delta july (3) mg of the delta july (4) mg of the delta july (5) Agent Steve Kelly had door prizes at the end. mg of the delta july (1)

I met with the MGs after the general session and we had some good discussion, then I headed back to LR. It was darn hot by the time I got home, but I had a bit of extra time this morning since I got over an inch of rain yesterday afternoon at home. I had not paid attention to the forecast and had already watered earlier in the day.

After I got home I started cooking, since I am preparing lunch for tomorrows County 76 board meeting. It is going to be cold and fresh–fresh gazpacho–basically emptying my vegetable drawer, and spiced tortilla chips and a watermelon feta salad.  Simple and cool!  gazpacho (1) watermelon (2)  If you haven’t had a fresh Arkansas watermelon, I highly recommend it.  I got this one Saturday at the NLR farmers market and it is so sweet!

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