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County 76 planning and summer

July 12, 2016

It was actually a pleasant day outside early, but I was in the office, so it really didn’t matter. Today was our executive board meeting of County 76 where our officers come together to plan our quarterly meeting, and plot out a course of action for the rest of the year. We do have a great working board who gets so much accomplished in a little time.  county 76 ex com (1) county 76 ex com (2) What is Julie doing?!

For the Master Gardeners reading this, don’t forget about the deadline to order MG business cards. mg business card sample  All orders must be place through the local county extension office, and then ONE county order is sent in by THIS FRIDAY (July 15).  These are a great idea for MGs who frequent other county or state MG events and want to share their information.

The deadline is also fast approaching for the dates for gardening events to be included in the MG 2017 Calendar. Our year-round gardening calendar has become a hot commodity and we want as many dates included as possible.  Friday is the date we need them turned in. Please email to me, Julie or Glenda.

And one last deadline–early registration deadline for PNG- Plant Nurture Grow Leadership is August 1.  Space is still available after that date, but if you want the most economical option, this is it.  I truly believe that our leadership training is a great part of the success of the AR MG program. What you learn and share at these conferences strengthen our county, regional and state programs.  Please consider attending. It is a valuable training for small, mid-sized and large county programs.  Talk to folks who have attended in the past, and I think you will get positive feed-back. All of this information is on our website, but if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to email me.  This year it will be held at the Arkansas 4-H Center which is very centrally located and we have plenty of space, so we are not limiting counties to send just a few.

I did have to water when I made it home this evening, but I am heartened to see so many plants thriving when we are almost mid-way into July!  I don’t think I have ever seen a fuchsia plant still blooming–albeit a bit smaller than it was when it was cooler. fuschia july9.16

Plants that love our current weather are tropicals and they are flourishing. From the standard hibiscus hibiscus tropical buds opening. july162 and mandevilla mandevilla the more unusual iochroma iochroma purple. july161 .  I also purchased several jasmine-scented flowers  that I planted together in a potjasmines–night-blooming jasmine- (Cestrum nocturnum), a Maid of Orleans jasmine jasmines july4.162(Jasminum sambac) and the commonly called Orange jasmine or Orange jessamine Jasmine scent Murraya paniculata1– (Murraya paniculata).  The orange jasmine is in full bloom.  It is very sweetly scented but not winter hardy.  It gets the “orange” name not because of orange blooms, but because it has the fragrance of orange blossoms.  It is native to China, but is a common evergreen shrub in Florida.  It took a while to start blooming in my yard, but it is absolutely covered now with fragrant flowers.

I normally don’t move too many plants indoors in the fall, but I may reconsider this year with all the unusual things I am growing.  Time will tell.

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