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A day of rest

July 17, 2016

Today was a day to get ready for the week ahead. The national county agents association comes to town next week, and we have a LOT to get ready for.  I have events Friday through Wednesday so there will be no weekend next weekend. Today I ran errands, got groceries, laundry and mundane tasks, but also had time to work on book 2.  I have 2 chapters left for the rough draft.

I also got to spend quality time with Petals. petals july17 (2) I know we all think our babies and puppies are the smartest or cutest, and in our eyes, they are–which is all that matters.  She is a delight and quickly becoming a big part of our family.  We had two rough nights where she was up a bit, but she now sleeps through the night and today slept in until 6:45, so I feel blessed.  She rarely has an accident with me, but the same can’t be said for others yet.  It is amazing how much she has grown in just a week.

If you were outside today, you know it was hot and humid.  I did a little watering, and I harvested vegetables early.  I am outside frequently during the day with the puppy so I use that time to peruse the yard.  If you don’t have any hardy hibiscus, you need to plant some. This one is only 3 feet tall as a plant, but still has the huge dinner plate sized blooms. hardy hibiscus july17 (1) hardy hibiscus july17 (2) I have red, pink and white ones, but they are all showy.

My lotus bloom opened today and with the seed pods it makes a beautiful addition to the water garden. lotus.july17 (2) lotus.july17 (3)

I also have a lot of flower buds on the rangoon creeper so in a week or two it should be amazing. Today one cluster of blooms is open. rangoon creeper july17.16

If you have toad lilies in your yard, check them and let me know if you see any problems. I have received about 5 emails from folks with damaged foliage and recently was in two locations where I saw more leaf damage. This is what I have seen: toad liliy damage.july16 pulaski county garden tour planning july16.55 .  Mine look perfectly fine, but I need to investigate the problem. Possibly too much water?

I hope by now everyone has their power back on and their yards cleaned up from our recent storms. All weekend I have seen folks picking up limbs and I have heard chainsaws working in our neighborhoods. It was a doozy of a storm.  I wanted to share two pictures I have been sent from facebook.  Both are quite impressive.  lightning over LR July15.16 storm clouds again

Let’s hope we don’t see a storm like this one for a while!

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