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Can you say hot and humid?

July 18, 2016

Today was a scorcher–and not only was the temperature high, but so was the humidity.  My schedule changed this morning, so instead of going out to River Valley Nursery in the morning, we were there after lunch to pick out the remaining plants for our river garden for the National County Agents Asssociation meeting.  The meeting officially kicks off on Sunday, but Randy and I lead a pre-horticulture tour Friday and Saturday, and then have about 5 hours Saturday evening to put together a garden reminiscent of what is done at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show.  Fingers are crossed that we will get it done.  It was pretty hot as we walked the gardens and nursery, so I was focused on getting our job done instead of taking photos.  We dropped off Randy and headed back to the office for a little more wrap up and planning.

Tonight I was invited to a friend’s 60th birthday party. IMG_3659It was outside from 5-6:30 and even though it was in the shade, it got a little hot after a bit. The food and fellowship helped you forget about the heat, but we were all “blooming” before it was over.  Mary and her husband Mike are gracious hosts and they have a lovely backyard garden with a greenhouse, fire pit, fairy gardens and much more.  mary danderands party.168 mary danderands party.167 mary danderands party.162 fairy garden july.16 danderand IMG_3682 The only picture of Mary I took was out of focus, but her gardens look amazing.  She has a great combination of annuals, tropicals, perennials and shrubs.  Look at her holiday poinsettias as shade annuals: poinsettias in the garden july16  Her Pachystachys lutea, commonly called lollipop plant or golden shrimp plant was huge. pachstachys golden shrimp or lollipop plant.16 and she had a good sized pineapple on a plant she had grown from another pineapple. pineapple july16 Other annuals included cigar plant cuphea,coleus.july161 cuhea cigar plant.july16 loads of coleus, zinnias and datura and brugmansia.  One plant was quite unusual. I thought it was the hotlips plant we saw in Costa Rica – Psychotria Psychotria-elata but when I got home and looked it up, the foliage is different. lipstick plant unknown. july161 lipstick plant unknown. july162  Mary got it from a friend and called it lipstick plant–but this is what I call a lipstick plant lipstick-plant-care_miniAeschynanthus species.    This is where common names can be a bit misleading!  If you know the name of the middle plant, let me know.

Don’t forget Master Gardeners that August 1 is fast approaching which is the early deadline for PNG Plant Nurture Grow Leadership.  We are striving to get 100% of our counties represented.  I think you will be quite happy with the results, if you come.  If you need more information, let me know.

Tomorrow I head to Garvan for our invasive plant workshop, and then it is on to Hope tomorrow night where I speak to the beekeeper association.  Busy summer!

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  1. Betty permalink
    July 19, 2016 8:33 am

    Sorry, you are trying to identify the other plant!

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