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From Hot Springs to Hope

July 19, 2016

it was a full day of education starting with our day-long invasive plant seminar at Garvan Gardens. I had great help with presentations from State Plant Board rep and good friend Paul Shell  

 and another long-time friend and co-worker Staff Chair in Washington County, Berni Kurz.  

 Paul explained how plants are named to the prohibited list and talked about those plants, while Berni shared the invasive plant program for developers in Washington county and how it came about. There is basically a plant this instead of this approach. Both quite interesting. I spoke on invasive landscape plants and then weeds and invasive vines. There were a lot of questions and discussion. 


A few folks braved the heat for a look at the gardens. The clethra or summersweet was in full bloom and so fragrant.  


I loaded up and headed south to Hope. I somehow thought I was speaking to the beekeepers but instead it was the MGs! Great turnout and more questions.  


And of course great food!  


While I am away I have extra help at home babysitting.  


Petals is quickly fitting in with everyone!

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