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Hot, hot, hot!

July 21, 2016

It is days like today–and I am afraid the next two, when I wish I could stay inside, but can’t.  Late this afternoon the skies turned dark and lightning streaked across the sky and I just knew it was going to cause a break in the weather and some rain, but alas, the sun came back out and not a drop of rain fell in my yard!  It was muggy and hot already early this morning and it did not get much better.  I spent the morning indoors and the afternoon out.  If I were smarter, it would have been reversed!  I finished up getting supplies together for this weekend and our extension booth and a garden display for the National Association of County Agricultural Agents  (NACAA).  Officially the conference does not begin until Sunday, but pre-conference tours begin tomorrow, and Randy and I are hosting the horticulture tour. We leave at noon tomorrow and go through 8 pm then leave at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday to return at 6 p.m. and we will be outside the entire time we are not riding on the bus.  In looking at the forecast it says tomorrow will be hotter than today and today was horrid!  As much as I am dreading it, I at least live in the south.  Think of the agents who will be joining us from the north!  They are definitely in for culture shock.

We do have a great tour lined up and we will make sure people drink water and stay hydrated.  Our first stop tomorrow is Moss Mountain so the excitement of seeing that should outweigh the heat.moss mtn blog event.may14.16 moss mtn.may.14.02

In spite of the sprinkler system, my gardens were looking pretty bedraggled today, so I watered after I got home. I decided to hit the container plants in the morning since I won’t be around much the next two days. Some annuals seem to be taking this weather in stride–the cypress vine and penta look great. cypress vine july16. penta july20 (2) My petunias are still blooming well, but I do think they need a shot of fertilizer but that will have to wait when I have time.  You need to water well before considering fertilizing when it is this hot. petunia july20.16  The blooms are a tad smaller than they should be, but they are still blooming. Both petunias and callibrachoa are heavy feeders and if they aren’t getting fed, they will slow down or stop blooming.

I got a bit heavy-handed planting the caladium bulbs, but it was getting late in the season and I just threw them out. They look great but a bit thick!  caladiums.july16

I do still have blooms on the roses, rose july20.16buddleia buddleia july20.16and hardy hibiscus july20.16hardy hibiscus and the panical hydrangea paniculata july20 (1) hydrangea paniculata july20 (2)hydrangeas look great.   At this time of year, the key factor for success is water!

Stay cool!

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