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From oven to refrigerator!

July 24, 2016

After sweating through two days outdoors I thought a day inside the convention center would be heavenly, but today I froze!  Just imagine how cold it was that I was cold. Tomorrow I will dress more warmly.  Registration began today for the national county agricultural association and the trade show opened at 1.  There was a lot of activity all over the convention center today with people coming and going.  Vignettes showcasing Arkansas were all around the building.  nacaa sunday (2) nacaa sunday (3) nacaa sunday (4) nacaa sunday (5) nacaa sunday (8)  Arkansas Extension was well represented and we had lots of traffic today with many questions.  nacaa sunday (1)  Vic Ford brought some unripe pawpaws that had fallen off a tree at the station and they were the hit of our booth. pawpaw nacaa sunday (17)  We also had a lot of complements for our garden.  nacaa sunday (10) nacaa sunday (12) nacaa sunday (13)  Tonight was the opening dinner and they served in shifts based on the time on your ticket. Things seemed to flow smoothly.  nacaa sunday (20)  Educational sessions, trade show and more meetings go on all day tomorrow, followed by dinner at the River Market.

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