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Trade show duty, planning and touring

July 25, 2016

Julie and I had trade show duty today until about 2:30 at the NACAA and we visited with many agents and specialists from around the country.  We also had to water our garden, and we got a bucket of ice so that a slow steady melting of water would occur to the plants instead of running through and onto the floor.  We scattered ice and went back to our booth. nacaa monday (3) nacaa monday (4) The trade show room was so cold that there was still ice present several hours later. So we devised a plan where I got in the beds and Julie threw bottles of water to me.  It would have made for great video, but I didn’t fall and we got all the plants watered, so success!

This afternoon Randy came in to spell Julie and I so we could make a run to purchase the food for lunch tomorrow for our County 76 quarterly meeting.  Several of you have asked me and/or Randy about the ice chest incident, so I will give you the abbreviated version.  Saturday night when we returned from our tour we had a full ice chest of bottled water and ice.  We had a group of volunteers coming to help us , so we thought the water would be good to have.  It was in an ice chest without wheels and weighed a ton.  We also had a warm case of water.  We found a hotel cart to transport it on, but with all the construction, the elevator was not accessible.  We thought a great idea would be to put the case of water on the escalator and have someone meet it at the bottom.  It went down fine.  I thought we needed to tag team the ice chest, but Randy thought he could maneuver it onto the stair, but his pants started to slide down and he moved his hand to pull them up and the ice chest went sideways, and then nose-dived down the escalator.  My did it pick up speed, sort of like a bobsled on ice.  It careened down and turned over and emptied its load.  The look on all our faces was I am sure priceless, but Randy ran down and got the ice and water picked up with the help of security and staff.  They were thrilled it was an ice chest and not a person.randy ice july16 (1)  The escalator was back up and working in no time, but when we got there today (2 days later) it wasn’t working. nacaa monday (1) nacaa monday (5)  I tried to tell Randy that they had asked for his name to send a bill, but he had already asked if he was the cause and he was not–just routine maintenance, but it was quite funny once we knew no one was hurt.  We laughed until we cried, and I still could!

Working with extension is always great fun and my what adventures we have!

Julie and I left for the day, got our lunch items purchased and in the fridge at work. I dropped her off and headed back downtown to pick up my friend the Ohio state horticulturist and MG coordinator Pam to give her a private tour of Pulaski County points of interest. I drove her by Witt Stephens native plant gardens nature center lr july16 (1) nature center lr july16 (2) then to Heifer Int headquarters. The community gardens are looking great there thanks to Chris Wyman.  He was still at work so we got to visit with him and he shared what their goals are. heifer int lr july16 (2) heifer int lr july16 (5) heifer int lr july16 (6) heifer int lr july16 (7) heifer int lr july16 (9) Look at this unique hand watering station: heifer int lr july16 (1)

Then we went to the Old Mill in NLR old mill july16 (1) old mill july16 (2)

I drove her through downtown Argenta, and she was so impressed with the corner beds.  Then we drove out to 2 Rivers park and to the Big Dam bridge.

We had a late dinner at Capers and then I got her back to the hotel.  She enjoyed getting to see more of our great city and I love showing it off.

We did stop by my house too to get something I needed and she got to see my garden and I got to turn on some water .The Rangoon Creeper keeps getting more flowers all the time. Loving the color, but my garden could use some rain! IMG_3910 This was the picture at 6 pm and when I got home at 9 the top buds had opened and were pure white.  Love the color combinations.

Tomorrow we have County 76 all day then we head back to the statehouse convention center to tear down the extension booth and garden.  After an early morning pickup of plants on Wednesday we are through, but the conference continues through Thursday.


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