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Many strong hands make light work

July 26, 2016

Today was our third quarterly County 76 meeting at the state office. county 76 july (2) county 76 july (3)We had 70 plus people in attendance, so a very good turnout.  We got a lot of work accomplished reviewing the events of the past months, including A to P, silent auction and advanced training.  We have set the dates for next years annual to perennial, but not the locations, speakers or times yet.  We are going to try it over a weekend, so two of the sessions will be Saturday and Sunday with the other two Friday and Monday. This way working folks should have no trouble attending. Don’t forget PNG Leadership (now called Ping!) registration deadline for early bird registration is August 1, right around the corner, so don’t delay.

We cleaned up and dumped a lot in our offices so we could head down to the statehouse convention center to tear down the garden and the extension booth.  By the time they opened the gate at 4, the trade show was almost empty.  Things sure tear down much faster than they go up.  We had a huge group of strong county agents to help with the garden and they made quick work of getting the garden down. We had numerous trucks and trailers, along with a tractor with a front-end loader and a fork lift for the heavy work. nacaa garden take down (3) nacaa garden take down (5) nacaa garden take down (7) nacaa garden take down (8)  Trucks, trailer and cars were loaded with mulch, nacaa garden take down (9)plants and more. nacaa garden take down (6) It was almost precision work, how quickly we got things done.  nacaa garden take down (1)  The tractor definitely sped things up as shoveling 15 yards of mulch would not have been fun. Randy and I unloaded many plants at his office for MG projects there, and then I unloaded all the stuff I took to the show from my yard, as well as for County 76 today.  I was home and done several hours before I thought we would be through at the statehouse convention center.  We need this crew at the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show!

After I meet River Valley Horticulture at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow to get the borrowed trees and shrubs, my jobs will be done with NACAA.  It was a very good team effort!

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