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Garden is locked and loaded, Rain, and planning for Cornwall

July 27, 2016

The driver from River Valley Horticulture and I were at the ramp of the statehouse convention center bright and early–by 7:20 a.m., but no one was answering the door. We honked and knocked to no avail.  I finally called some of the leaders of the NACAA for help but they were in an official breakfast meeting, so we still waited. I found an employee and he said “Mam, I can open the door for you, but it won’t do any good–the walls are back up dividing the halls and you can’t drive through!”  Sure enough, the walls were up and we had to back out and go elsewhere.   I was in a little car, but the poor nursery man had to back up his huge dump truck with a 16 foot trailer–which he did with aplomb! I was glad he was driving and not me.  Then he had to pull in to the other loading dock and back into hall 3, which he did smoothly. I was quite impressed.  But when we got inside, we found we were alone–no fork lift driver or extra hands. He got into the truck and I handed up all the plants until we got to the big stuff, which I couldn’t lift.  nacaa mveout (4)Luckily, our fork lift driver arrived and they got the rest of the things loaded. nacaa mveout (1) nacaa mveout (3) nacaa mveout (7) We also got the tractor picked up so we have cleared the building and our duties are completed!nacaa mveout (9)

I finally made it to the office where we tried to catch up on email and tasks we haven’t finished.  I left after lunch for an afternoon meeting in a pouring rain.  We got over an inch of rain at my house, but others got nothing.  It was raining so hard that the storm drains could not keep up.  The rain also cooled things down.

Tonight I met up with a group of friends who are going with me to Cornwall and Wales to talk about traveling and sample some Cornish food.  cornwall dinner (12)It was a fun and delicious evening.cornwall dinner (10)  We had an excellent Shepherds pie, cornwall dinner (6) cornwall dinner (1)with plenty of tasty appetizers and sides. I made a Welsh rarebit dip and it was so rich!  The roasted honey/garlic tomatoes were tasty as was everything else.  We talked about traveling, packing and fun.  Time flies when you are visiting about traveling, books, food and more.  It was a fun evening with good friends and tasty food.

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