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My first night home in a while.

July 28, 2016

Today was a calmer day than I have had in a while. I was in the office, finishing up some long overdue work.  I was home early and stayed home all night–what a rarity these days. I am prepping for a family party on Sunday, so it is nice to have some down time.  Petals is growing up.  She came to us 3 weeks ago tomorrow night weighing 2.5 pounds and she is up to 6 pounds today.  If that trend were to continue, she would be an elephant in a year, but things will slow down!  She continues to bug some of the older dogs, but they seem to be taking it in stride.  Skooter and she are becoming great playmates. skooter and petal tug of war (2) skooter and petal tug of war (4) Petals is sleeping through the night, and as long as someone is willing to take her outside often, very few accidents!  Life is good!

I have not had much time to work in my yard the past few weeks, so I hope to remedy that, at least to make things presentable for Sunday.  The rain has helped, but I  need to fertilize, deadhead, -weed-eat and edge but that may be a tad ambitious with everything else I need to get done.

In spite of my lack of care, I have loads of peppers and eggplants,eggplant july5.162 but the tomatoes seem to be slowing down.  My okra that I planted about a month ago is up and running, but no blooms yet. okra july20.16  I am keeping my fingers crossed about the pineapple guava fruits. The fruits get bigger each week.  pineapple guava july20.16  since I have never had a fruit before, I will wait and see. Supposedly they ripen in September.  Figs are doing well too, but none ripe yet. figs june26.16

We are hearing from a lot of gardeners that they have disease issues because of all this rain and insects are out in force too.  Fall webworms have started claiming their spots in trees, and while they don’t do much harm to a large tree, they are pretty  unsightly. webworms beginning.july16  We can have multiple generations per year.  If you can easily reach the web, pull it out with a rake and destroy. If they are high in the tree, you probably want to ignore them.



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