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Day off, and rain

July 29, 2016

I had the day off to get a multitude of tasks completed, and while some got done, others went awry.  I was out early doing some much-needed yard work, and did get the front yard weed-eated and tidied up before it started to sprinkle.  Katie and I then drove to Cabot to see a dear friend of ours who recently had a baby.  brittanys baby (8)He was big at birth and at 4 weeks is a big baby.  I do love babies and puppies, but I think puppies are easier to take care of.  We all got our baby fix holding and cooing over the baby, and Katie took her hand at feeding him as well. brittanys baby (1) brittanys baby (6)  Then we had to make a mad dash home to meet the plumber who could come today to install a water faucet on the deck!! Hallelujah, no more carrying pitchers of water to water all the pots on the deck.  While they were working, I made a quick trek to Sam’s to get the first load of party food.  Our Aunt Eloise turned 90 this week, and we are having a big celebration on Sunday, so I have plenty to do to get ready.

I got back to see what the plumbers were up to and they timed it almost perfectly, they were on the last leg when the skies started turning black, the wind picked up and then the rain poured down. We got over 1.2 inches of rain in record time.  While the storm was brewing a frightened dog came up to the yard and we finally got him in the garage. It took a while for the plumbers and I to corral him, but we did and now we have a lost dog, who no one has claimed!   lost dog leawood. Katie took him for a walk, and then Lynne and I did too, knocking on doors and asking all walkers if they had seen him before.  No one had.  He is now residing downstairs, while my 4 are upstairs. Our oldest Glow and our youngest Petals are totally unperturbed, but Reese’s and Skooter are not too happy with the situation.  I just hope someone will claim him tomorrow.  A friend has offered to take him for the weekend, since I do have a full schedule not to mention a full household of dogs!

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