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A fitting celebration

July 31, 2016

Our Aunt Eloise turned 90 this week, a fitting occasion to celebrate.  She is a spry 90 and it was great to see so many of her friends and family drop in today.  It was a treat for her as well as all of us to celebrate this milestone.  aunt eloise 90 (3) aunt eloise 90 (5) aunt eloise 90 (6) aunt eloise 90 (9) aunt eloise 90 (11) aunt eloise 90 (14) I grew up in a family that made (still makes) a big deal about birthdays, but that isn’t the case in many families.  I can remember the shock that my children had when they found out that they had to go to school on their birthday. I think somehow they thought it was, or should be a national holiday.  Aunt Eloise does not like people making a fuss over her, but a fuss we had, and I think this picture sums up how pleased she was. aunt eloise 90 (12)  Folks came from near and far and the joyful sound of Happy Birthday brought a tear to her eyes.

The house was clean on Friday, but after all the rain (1.3 inches Friday and over 2 inches yesterday) and having 5 dogs running around, and a day of cooking, I would not have encouraged anyone to eat off the floor!  We did not find the owner of our stray yet, but luckily a friend is fostering it for me until early this week when we will have to come up with a plan. If you are interested in a dog, he is sweet.  He sort of looks like Tramp from Lady and the Tramp.  lost dog leawood.  He is sweet-tempered and gets along with other dogs.  I just can’t have 5, especially with a puppy.  Friday night I spent trying to satisfy them all and was exhausted by Saturday morning.  Saturday morning we went door to door passing out flyers, posted it on numerous websites and have flyers at all the light polls, but except for thank you calls and well wishes, no one knows who owns the dog.  Maybe the vets can help this week.

After cleaning up, I went out and walked my garden and picked my first ripe fig! fig first of the season (2) More to follow.

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