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Watering, dogs and humor

August 3, 2016

It has been a busy few days, many of them consumed by dogs.  Our little stray “Tramp” (I think he looks like Tramp from Lady and the Tramp) got adopted today!  We had several people who were interested and the first few didn’t work out.  It is amazing how sad I was when someone didn’t want him, and not because of him, but he was either too big, or too small.   Today, I had over 6 people who were seriously interested and the first one who saw him, took him.  dog adoption. lost dog leawood. I have been amazed by the outpouring of support in the dog community and feel like I am now connected!  People have called from other states as well as all over our state with suggestions and offers of help.  The new owner is an amazing woman who I talked with tonight.  She took him to get his shots and a check up and unfortunately, he does have heartworms, but she is undaunted.  She has started him on a treatment plan and he has no symptoms.  He has a new collar, new toys and was asleep on her lap when I talked with her and tomorrow goes to the groomer.  I think it is like plant people–dog people are just nice people!  One of the dog volunteers late this afternoon told me that sometimes dog owners abandon their pets when they find out they have heartworms instead of going to the expense of treating them. I cannot imagine.  But regardless, Tramp now has a great new home with a loving owner.

In spite of our dog issues, I did get a lot accomplished at the office.  Columns are a never-ending task, and I wrote several, along with getting luggage tags and meal tickets organized for Cornwall/Wales.  I also prepared for the joint meeting between Pulaski and River Valley MG chairs to discuss the  2017 and 2018 State conferences.  We are meeting halfway in Russellville tomorrow.  I am also trying to finalize the schedule for the Horticulture Industry Show in January for the MG/Consumer Hort section.

It was a hot drive home. It was a scorcher today outside, and I was tickled to be able to use a hose on the back deck to water my plants instead of toting buckets.  I got my watering done in record time, and I love this collapsible hose. hose new.aug.16  I thought they might be a gimmick that didn’t work, but I like it and it covers the entire deck and then shrinks back. I may have to get another one for the side yard.  With my busy schedule, the garden has kind of been ignored except to harvest and water.  Tonight at dusk while I was walking Petals, I went to look at the vegetables.  One of my newer tomato plants was eaten up and I found the culprit!  The tomato hornworm strikes again, and he was huge. tomato hornworm.aug3 (1) tomato hornworm.aug3 (4) Maybe this weekend my garden can get some care! I think it will be the first in a while with no plans or work.

I am blessed that I have Master Gardeners who look out for me. I got a basket of Arkansas peaches this week from some who went peach picking and they are absolutely amazing. If you haven’t had any Arkansas peaches, either go pick or visit your local farmers market. I made a peach pie and ate some fresh and they are so sweet! peaches.aug2 (1) peaches.aug2 (3)

We are down to four dogs in the Carson home and Petals is settling in with all of the older ones.  She sometimes annoys them, but they look out for her and it is pretty amazing to watch.  petals and glow2.aug16 petals aug3 (3) Petals goes tomorrow for her first shots.

And last but not least, here is some garden humor for you sent to me from Texas transplant Ann:

garden humor Gardeners can be so clever!  Stay cool!

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  1. B. Bartleson permalink
    August 3, 2016 9:37 pm

    Thank you so very much for taking such wonderful care of Tramp. As one of the many volunteers in Arkansas with Oklahoma Westie Rescue, I see and hear of abandonment issues all the time. When you posted his picture I posted the info on my Facebook page hoping I could help find his owner. So glad he is adopted by a caring and loving person.

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