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Meetings, writing and heat

August 5, 2016

I was so busy the past few days that I actually forgot to take pictures of what I was doing.  Obviously, I am moving too fast and need to slow down and remember what I am doing!  Yesterday we had a very productive meeting between the chairs of the 2017 and the 2018 State MG conferences.  We met at the halfway mark in Russellville.  Each had questions for the others and bounced ideas around.  The 2017 Conference is MG Conference 2017 May 21-23 at the Doubletree Hotel and the Robinson Center in Little Rock. The 2018 Conference is  in Fort Smith    logo2018.

My out-of-town work schedule has slowed down for the next few weeks which is helpful, since once I leave for Cornwall/Wales August 30, things are hopping for several months.  Before I leave I have many columns to pre-write, the MG calendar to put to bed, as well as MG Appreciation week and PNG to finalize.   I am thankful for the office time.  I did get 6 columns written and photos sent the past two days, and only have about 12 more to go before Aug. 30!

Today during our lunch hour we were in for a treat. We got to hear a wonderful presentation by Ples Spradley our Pesticide Assessment specialist ples presentation.16.  He spent a week in Senegal last year helping to inspect their agricultural and horticultural operations in regards to pesticide safety.  He gave an excellent talk on his experiences and the culture and agriculture of Senegal.  I was so impressed I have asked him to repeat it at the HIS (Hort Industry Show) in Fayetteville January 13-14.  I have to finalize that schedule early next week too.

To wrap up my dog allotment for the week, Petals had her first visit to the vet and came through with flying colors.  petals first vet visit (2)She didn’t even flinch with her first shots.  She did have a case of worms, and they sent me home with three vials of dewormer.  She took the first one today and I had the last two for the weekend. When I came home from work, the vials were missing.  My son had stopped by to pick up the heartworm pills I had for him and saw the vials and thought they were for his two dogs–since there were two and they were with the pills!  Now I need more vials for Petals, since his dogs are now worm-free!

And look at Tramp, our past stray:tramp aug.16. He has been to the groomer and is a new dog and a very happy one at that! Life is good!

I have a weekend with no obligations, except to finish my book and hopefully do some things around the house.  I am excited to have some free time and maybe some time in the garden if I can beat the heat.



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