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A productive “free” day and more rain

August 6, 2016

What an unusual summer we are having. Just last week it was Africa hot outside with high humidity, but we still got some sporadic rain.  Now a week later it was a high of 83 and again almost a half  inch of rain–and of course I had already watered this morning!  It was a good day to spend inside and not feel guilty about not being in the garden.  I got the usual household stuff done, but I dedicated today to finishing up my 2nd book which is scheduled to be out in late September. I sent the final 2 chapters plus a bonus chapter in to the editor so that is good.  I am done with my part unless they come back and ask for changes!

The rain along with my regular watering has been good for the hydrangeas and impatiens. They look great. I really like the limelight hydrangeahydrangea limelight.16 along with other Hydrangea paniculata types. They will take full sun to partial shade and will give us color for months. The nice thing about the panicle hydrangeas is that it doesn’t matter what type of winter we have, they bloom on the new growth.  Impatiens are great summer performers but they aren’t drought tolerant. I have the common shade lover my garden july4.16along with the newer Sunpatiens petals with impatiens.16which will take full sun. Both are thriving this summer. I hope to spend some time in the garden tomorrow since I haven’t fertilized anything in weeks.

If you haven’t been outside at night lately, the spiders are out in force. Normally this is a late summer/fall phenomenon but they are already all over my yard.  Every night new webs are going up.  On the deck I have a huge spider, but I am calling her Charlotte and staying clear of her area. spiders aug.3 (1) spiders aug.3 (2) I think our mild winter, coupled with an early spring have allowed them to speed up their life cycle and be full size already.  Beware if you are out in your garden, because webs pop up all over. These are beneficial insects, feeding on all sorts of pests, but they will eat good bugs too if they get trapped in their webs.

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  1. Kathy Ratcliffe permalink
    August 7, 2016 6:37 am

    Great picture of Petals! Those eyes…..

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