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More rain, Garvan and caterpillars

August 8, 2016

We were supposed to start shooting our TV spots at 8 a.m. at Garvan today but when I woke up it was raining.  It was in Hot Springs too, so we decided to postpone until noon–I was worried we might cook that late, but it was not too bad. The temps were mild but we did have high humidity.  garvan tv taping aug.16Parts of the garden look great, garvan aug.8.166 garvan aug.8.169while others may be struggling from too much rain–the heat and drought lovers in particulareuphorbia too wet aug8.16.   We had five spots to shoot today and we had plenty to choose from.  The Sunpatiens look great in full sun and love the rain. sunpatiens garvan aug8.162 the bat-faced cupheacuphea bat faced aug8.16 is a fun plant and was loaded with blooms in spite of the extra water, since it can take it dry, but the elephant ears are huge and adore the moisture.  The dianthus dianthus aug8.garvan.16have kicked back in with blooms and the newly planted flowering onions Millenium allium - Millenium flowering onion aug8.161look great in the wildflower meadow.   Other showstoppers in the wildflower overlook are numerous colored coneflowersechinacea colors.aug8.161 echinacea colors.aug8.164, rudbeckia (Black-eyed Susan) rudbeckia aug8.16and gaillardia. gaillardia aug8.17 A few plants would prefer it a bit drier like these artemisia,artemesia too wet and some of the Rudbeckia could use plant stakes–they have grown so tall with all the rain that the weight of the blooms is causing some floppiness. rudbeckia too wet.aug8.16

The true showstopper today though was the family of monarch caterpillars all over the milkweed plants.  We saw a dozen or more and one adult monarch which never did land on a flower for me to get a picture. monarch caterpillars aug8 garvan.161 monarchl caterpillar on butterfly weed.aug8.16 garvan2 monarchl caterpillar on butterfly weed.aug8.16 garvan3  (After writing this, I decided I needed to check my plants again, just in case they magically appeared overnight. I see no caterpillars, but I am convinced–or hopeful, that I have monarch eggs) milkweed eggs maybe aug8 (1) milkweed eggs maybe aug8 (2)

I also saw something I have never seen before at Garvan–blooms on a croton plant. croton with blooms aug8.161 croton with blooms aug8.162Croton is a houseplant that can add a lot of color in the summer garden. The more sunlight the plant gets, the more colorful the foliage.  These leaves look great, but it was loaded with flower spikes. The flowers aren’t going to stop traffic, but they are happy plants.

Regardless of the weather, it is always a great time to visit Garvan Gardens and explore.

I made it home in time to play with Petals.  I am trying to teach her something every day.  She is getting good at retrieving and letting go of the toy.  When I sat down at the computer to write, she picked up her toys and went to sleep with them!  Too cute!petals and toys aug8.162

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