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August 11, 2016

We have become a nation of foodies.  When the food network first came on television, our family got addicted. It introduced us to new ways to cook and new foods to try.  Pretty soon things like polenta and lentils were as common place as mashed potatoes and rice.  We learned how to sous vide food sous vide veal chop.15.5and how to make pasta with a raw egg inside from scratch.  Then came the local foods movement and organics gained ground, and now more people than ever are growing their own fruits and vegetables, and canning and preserving their own foods.  Kale used to be a vegetable they couldn’t sell at the grocery store, now they can barely keep it in stock. kale.may1.162 Kale salads, kale chips and kale smoothies are commonplace. Is it any wonder that this trend has carried over to baby food and pet food.   If you don’t have any infant/toddler children around, or dogs, you may have missed out.  Now instead of little round jars of green beans, bananas, apricots and peas, you have squeeze tubes of garden veggies brown rice and white beansorganic brown rice and white beans with vegetables, or mangos, apples, carrots and kale, mangoes apples carrots and kaleor pears, mangos and avocados! pears mangos and avocado We are now into gourmet baby foods.  gourmet baby foodFor those whose “children” are their pets, let’s not leave them behind. My dogs ate salmon with lentils and white beans this evening and we have sweet potato and salmon waiting in the wings.  TF_Dry_Dog_Salmon_606x522venison and lentil dogo food. It is not just the specialty companies who have bought in, even our tried-and-true Purina has a grain free and protein packed alternative–Salmon, egg and pumpkin! Dog-Dry-Superfood-Blend-Salmon-Egg-Pumpkin-Left 

Are our children and dogs healthier than the children and dogs a decade or ten ago? I am not sure we have researched that enough, but as parents or pet owners, don’t we feel a bit better thinking that we are giving them the best?   I think we as consumers have bought into it hook, line and sinker.  If we had not, there would not be the endless choices and combinations, with new products arriving daily.

There is no doubt that fresh fruits and vegetables taste better and are preferable to the canned counterpart.  Cooking fresh foods without preservatives is always better.  If we can encourage low-fat and healthy foods we will all be better off, and encouraging folks to garden is a trend I am all for.  I recently saw basil seeds being sold along with the jarred spaghetti sauce.  basil and ragu.16

Who knows where this trend will go next.  Let’s just hope that these babies raised on kale and lentils, won’t graduate to happy meals!

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