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At last, a sunny Sunday!

August 21, 2016

Today turned into a spectacular day.  Sunny blue skies and very low humidity.  I keep telling myself it is August.  I did pick some okra, peppers, eggplant and a cucumber, and I am hoping my tomatoes are going to start rebounding.  Some of my plants, like the impatiens and caladiums adore all the rain we have been havingmy garden july4.16caladiums aug 7.16 but some of the heat lovers are a bit bedraggled.   I have more blooms on the gardenias gardenia aug15 (1) gardenia aug15 (2) and the reblooming wegelia Sonic Bloom is blooming again. weiglia rebloomer aug15.16  My tropical and hardy hibiscus are still blooming hibisucus tropoical aug15.16but I have lost some petunias that just got beat up by the rain, and a few other sun lovers were happy today–just like I was.

I continue to see more butterflies in my yard. Today I saw several swallowtails and a monarch, but I still don’t see any caterpillars or chrysalis.

My buckeyes have large seeds and the foliage is beginning to decline, but the seeds aren’t quite ripe. When they are the pods will pop open to expose the shiny seeds. That is when they are ready for planting. buckeye fruit aug15.16

One other plant that is in its season is the night-blooming cereus. This is truly the ugly duckling of the plant world.  night blooming cereus with flower bud. aug16 (1)  This cactus sprawls all over the place, but when it sets flower buds, take note.  The buds appear on the edge of the leaf night blooming cereus with flower bud. aug16 (2)  You need to watch them closely as they grow quickly.  night blooming cereus night blooming cereus buds When the buds are ready they will open after the sun sets and they only stay open for one night, but they are stunning when in bloom and smell so sweet. night-bloom  The only down side is you have the flowers for about 4-6 weeks, and the ugly plant for 12 months!

Today was a slow-paced day with no excitement at the Carson household. Clay is feeling fine with no new incidents, so time will tell. It was a nice change of pace. I leave for Cornwall and Wales in 9 days.

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