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A busy day at the office

August 24, 2016

It is rare that I spend almost an entire week at the office without travel, but when I am going to be on the road as much as I am in the upcoming months, it is nice to have this time to get things organized, planned and work done ahead of schedule. I have only one more column to write, and I am done with those, and I have done most of the powerpoints for the upcoming speaking events when I return.  We also are working on a new training for online web reporting, MG appreciation day, PNG leadership, and several workshops, so it is a busy time.

We are also inundated with questions about the armyworms.  I have even been told that one gardener has damage on their zoysia lawn now too, but that is not common.  They can attack St. Augustine, but their preference is Bermuda.  Pay attention if you have a Bermuda grass lawn, because they are out there.  I was told today that one lawn care company got 800 phone calls today!  Impressive.  Tonight when I was out watering I had neighbors come by or pull up in their cars to ask questions on how to control it.  Once you kill the armyworms, then lightly fertilize to help the grass rebound.  You will need to move quickly because we don’t like to fertilize lawns much past September 15.

In addition to bugs, we also have more than our fair share of weeds right now. Remember the definition of a weed is a plant out of place.  In our front beds at the office we have sweetgum seedlings sweetgum weed aug.16and even a rogue daylily in the middle of the junipers. daylily weed aug16  I would rather deal with those than nutgrass, nutgrass1chambers bitters chambers bitters aug7.16and mulberry weed. mulberry weed july161

Monitor your gardens and weed if you can.  One plant I intentionally planted that has become a weed is garlic chives. It is beginning to bloom wild garlic aug23.16and the bees adore it, but it spreads like wildfire.   I normally allow it to bloom and then weed-eat it before the seeds set.  I hope that is not a a done deal before I am back and can cut them back.  I have more than I need now, and I think every seed does germinate.


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