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Zoom and prepping

August 26, 2016

Today was our first zoom session for MG managers for the online web reporting.  Julie worried about this all week, and was a nervous wreck walking to the session



but it went great! We had a full house. Zoom is a program where people can log on from their own computer and participate in a conference. zoom aug (1) zoom aug (2) We had a packed house today with agents and MGs from all over the state. From early feedback, people really liked the delivery method.  It also saves time traveling to a meeting place. zoom aug (6) zoom aug (7) I think you can expect more of these in the months to come.

In addition to the zoom session, I have finished all the columns plus 1 that I needed to before leaving–which makes 16 done this month.  I also got all my end of month reports done, Powerpoint for 4 events ready, plus handouts and we finalized plans for PNG, MG Day, and all the things I need to take to Cornwall/Wales.  I also have worked on improving my InstaGram, Twitter, GoPro and new iPad technology–in addition to this blog and Facebook.  Technology changes every nanosecond so it is hard to keep up and staying connected has never been easier if you can keep up.   It has been a busy week, but a lot was accomplished.

I did have to water all the pots on the deck for the first time since the rains. We did get rain yesterday, but the amounts were negligible.  More chances this weekend and possibly next week.  My family will be happy if they don’t have to water every day while I am gone.

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