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A productive and fun Saturday

August 27, 2016

I am parceling out time to get everything done before I leave on Tuesday, so I hit it hard this morning to knock out yard duties. I was outside by 7:45 and done by 10:30, and it really didn’t get hot while I was working–not to say I did not sweat, but it was not unbearable.  I just wish that those armyworms liked crabgrass, or what my mother called water grass.  The crabgrass sure liked all the recent rains and I had a lot of it to weed-eat, so too bad the armyworms couldn’t do it for me.  And why did the armyworms not eat the little Bermuda I have as a weed?  I got the entire front and back yard weed-eated–it took two batteries to get it done. Petals was not a good companion  in the backyard as she was not intimidated by the weed-eater one bit. I put her inside to get finished.

I then did a little pruning, harvesting and fertilizing all the annuals and vegetables before calling it a day and turning on the sprinkler system.  The yard smells great with more gardenias gardemia jubilation aug27.16in bloom along with the harlequin glorybowers fragrance clereodendron aug26.15 but the smell of garlic was also pretty intense where I whacked off some garlic chives.

My summer annuals for the most part have done well but I did fertilize today.periwinkle aug7.16 I have some Flamenco cuphea that has reseeded for three years running in a pitiful part of the garden. Love how tough this plant is. cuphea aug27.16cuphea reseeded aug.16

The less common red flowering ruellia IMG_4367is covered in blooms and the reblooming Sonic Bloom Weigela weigelia reblooming aug.16is blooming nicely.  I have some seed pods on my Rangoon creeper and more flower buds are coming. rangoon creeper seed pod aug.16

Today working in the yard I saw plenty of butterflies, from swallowtail to sulfers to this buckeye. buckeye butterfly.aug27.16

My vegetable garden needs some work, but I don’t want to plant something and then leave for 2 weeks, so I will muddle through with what I have. I have harvested enough okra to have it for dinner tonight, but Kyle would have liked more. I should hit the mother lode while I am gone. okra aug27.16 The fruit on the pineapple guava continue to grow, but I am not quite sure what the signs are that they are ripe, but hope I don’t miss it while I am gone. pineapple guava fruit aug27.16

I turned on the watering system when I was finished and went and cleaned up so I could enjoy a visit from baby Aurin.  Julie brought him by to see the puppy, but Petals was not too interested.  Aurin loved the dogs, and they all finally came in and Aurin got to pet them. I think he needs a dog but Julie thinks he can come visit mine instead.  It was so much fun to have a baby around.  He is so sweet. aurin.aug (1) aurin.aug (3) aurin.aug (5)  Babies do take more energy than puppies but there is nothing like baby love!

I have the laundry done and things are beginning to come together. Tomorrow I pack and have that marked off.

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