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Planning, working and tasting

September 15, 2016

This morning Petals had her checkup at the vet.  She started trembling the minute I got her in the car and didn’t stop until we were back home. It was a quick visit, but the vet thinks she may be too anxious and an introvert!! She is fine at home with us, but doesn’t like outsiders too much. But she is only 4 months old.  Time will tell.  petals-sept15-16-2 She now weighs 15  pounds–up from 2.5 when we got her in July.  She is growing like a weed, even if she may be a tad nervous around strangers.

We had so much to accomplish today at the office.  We had a huge work crew in to put some of the finishing touches on PNG – Plant, Nurture, Grow Leadership conference. mg-planning-png  I got a few columns written and then was off to a meeting for the 2017 MG Conference.  We have a unique issue in that we have a pool of over 500 volunteers with 150 slots.  A good problem to have and we think we have it figured out.  SO much talent to work with.  mg-planning-pul-sept15-1

Then it was back to the office to finalize several Powerpoint, do some paperwork, and work on our Jeopardy game for PNG.  It will test your horticulture skills.
Since I have been back at the office the days have flown by.  I get to work and the next thing I know the day is over. I have been late getting home every day.  I think I need 10 extra hours in the day.  Julie suggested we put a cot in my office!

Tonight I went with a friend to a wine tasting at Clark and Henrik’s.  I saw many MGs there and we continued to do some planning for the state conference.  I am sure we thrilled our companions with shop-talk.  As always, it was a great place to be with so many friends and the food, wines and hospitality of Clark and Henrik are amazing.  wine-event-clark-and-henrick-2 wine-event-clark-and-henrick-3 wine-event-clark-and-henrick-4Their gardens looked good veg-garden-clark-2and they even had pitcher plants in bloom. pitcher-plant-clark-sept-16

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  1. Margaret permalink
    September 15, 2016 11:04 pm

    Take her to lots of fun places. Give her lots of treats while out. Have puppy passing parties where you expose her to lots of different people. Men, women, children, hats, gloves, etc. have them all give her treats, lovies, etc.

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