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Home for a minute!

September 24, 2016

I did not post on Thursday night as our conference ended, but one of the highlights was getting to meet and hear the director of Yellowstone speak.  Dan Wenk dan-wenk-super-yellowstone-1was trained in Landscape Architecture from Michigan State, but now runs the entire park.  He did an outstanding job giving us an overview of the park and its care.

We said our goodbyes in Montana under cold, rainy skies and headed to the airport and home.  Montana and Wyoming have some gorgeous natural landscapes and I am glad we got to see this. aspen-yellowstone-sept-16-1613 montana-sept-16-15  We brought some great ideas home and got to meet so many new, young agents.  It is interesting being on the other side of ones career!

I think this September will rank as the #1 month for me to be away from home overnight the most since I started this job.  I have had back to back trips and they aren’t over.  Randy and I made it home safely and with our luggage intact albeit about 30 minutes late.  A mix-up in seat assignments for some folks delayed us leaving Dallas, but we were at home a little after 10 p.m. last night.  I unpacked and edited photos to unwind.  Today is my one day home for a bit, so I did laundry, had lunch with friends, ran some errands, checked the gardens and got ready for tomorrow.

My daughter has done an outstanding job keeping the garden and pots watered, and even my newly planted fall veggies survived the heat while I was gone. I  did harvest some vegetables and more figs. veg-harvest-sept-24-6  The cucumbers are a bit misshapen, a result in weird pollination, but they still taste good, and more are coming on. I had loads more peppers I could have harvested, but decided to let them grow some more.  I also harvested one of the pineapple guava fruits since it felt like it was softening a bit, but it is still not ripe. I will ignore them for a bit. pineapple-guava-sept-24-1 pineapple-guava-sept-24-2This is my first year to have fruit so I am not quite sure what to expect.

Some of my summer annuals are doing the best they have done all season–like these torenia and periwinkleperiwinkle-sept-16 torenia-sept-24-2, but the common impatiensimpatiens-sept-24 have seen better days.

The thunbergia or clock vinethunbergia-sept-24-1 is loaded with blooms and the sasanqua camellias are going to be stunning this winter, because they are loaded with buds. camellia-buds-sept-24-16  When I was on the deck watering and picking figs, I noticed I have fall webworms on my hydrangea in a pot. Interesting that they would pick a shrub, and ignore the trees surrounding the deck. fall-webworms-sept-4 fall-webworms-sept-3 fall-webworms-sept-2 fall-webworms-sept-1

This insect is more a nuisance than deadly.  They expand their web as they feed. I will cut out the web and damage and dispose of them to stop their spread.

It was nice to have a bit of a slower pace today.  I had forgotten how heat and humidity feel, but they aren’t fun.  Tomorrow I head to the Arkansas 4-H Center to meet early with the MG County 76 board before we officially start PNG Leadership on Monday.  We have over 170 people coming for Monday and Tuesday.  It promises to be an excellent conference.

Monday is also the last day to order lunch and t-shirts for MG Appreciation Day at the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks.


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  1. Richard Shanahan permalink
    September 25, 2016 4:18 pm

    Richard Shanahan,, My wife and I lived in Wyoming for 10 years. One never tires of seeing wonderful pictures of Yellowstone. We lived about 100 miles. I have fly fished the Yellowstone River, made several winter trips. It takes ones breath away. Thanks for sharing.

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