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PNG Leadership Training

September 26, 2016

We had one of the best crowds we have had for PNG and so much informaion and interaction was going on.Registration went smoothly and Walter did some early morning training with his team before the kickoff. 

There was time for 1 on 1 training for online web reporting.

My boss Wayne Mackay kicked off the event with an excellent presentation on telling our story.

The afternoon was spent on concurrent sessions on a wide range of topics from mentoring, money management, parliamentary procedure and forums for presidents, treasurers and newsletters. 

Tabletop discussions were ongoing during the evening meal, and the after dinner speaker our own Karen Ballard did an excellent job on leadership is not a straight line. 

To end a great day of learning, we wrapped up the silent auction benefitting the scholarship fund and had a very competitive round of garden jeopardy. 

It has been a rejuvenating day. The amount of enthusiasm from presenters and volunteers has been amazing! Tomorrow we have a full program from 7:30 breakfast to closing remarks until 1:45. Our County 76 team has done a remarkable job. It just getsbetter and better each year. 

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